Forget Me Do®


We answer some frequently asked questions below, and provide support by email.

Can I keep a copy of my data?

Yes. You can keep a copy of your data by downloading your information ( from Facebook before using Forget Me Do®. However, Facebook does not allow you to download photos that you are tagged in.

Does the Forget Me Do® app delete my content from Facebook's servers?

The Forget Me Do® app is a software tool that helps you destroy the link between your profile and the data that you no longer want anyone to see. For example, if you set the Forget Me Do app to delete your status updates, these will no longer be visible on your timeline.

Why do my friends' privacy settings prevent the removal of some tags?

Your friends may have disabled the Facebook Platform (, which prevents the removal of tags from their photos.

The Forget Me Do® app repeatedly fails with "A network (timeout) error occurred" during the "Authenticating..." step. What can I do?

This can usually be resolved by restarting your phone.

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